My Introduction

Hello folks,

Dan mentioned in another post (which I know forget the title of) that this would be a good opportunity for me to introduce myself, which I did not see till today. So here is my introduction. My name is John Bolton; I am a graduate of UofT in English and Philosophy. Right now, I have no plans for graduate studies, but I do wish to pursue them at some point. I have a particular interest in the Gospels and the historicity ascertainable therefrom. I enjoy theological discussion, though I am not formally trained in any theology. I am also very bad with computers: I find it difficult figuring out what I am supposed to do when I am posting things like this; though I am not so bad so as to be completely computer-illiterate. I also have a blog which I am hoping to keep going. It’s, if anyone wishes to check it out. It only has one post at this point, but I hope it grows.

I am sure you’ll find out more about me as time goes on.

Peace and blessings,

Oh ya! Dan and I use to attend the same church some years back, and spent time in the same small group. That is the link I have to City of God.

Also, thank you guys for allowing me to fellowship with you in this way. I pray we grow together in Christ.