More On Women’s Ordination/Ministry

A couple days ago I posted this as a comment on Keith’s post on women’s ministry according to Tim Keller:

I found Keller’s articulation of deacon, deaconess and elder roles helpful. Just one question, and this question is a concern I keep coming back to : does a church have regular paid salaries for these deaconesses and/or any female staff members? I know it seems like a greedy question, but I think it’s an important sidenote to any discussion on female ordination. Also, is there a specific ordination process for these deaconesses, recognized by the denominations practicing this type of gender specified ministry? If not, I fear this system would easily be destroyed as it would lack credibility. Women called to ministry may be forced to go elsewhere for work due to lack of full-time work and vocational recognition.
I know this is complicated by our view of churches as “businesses”, I just don’t want to limit all substantial positions (monetarily and in terms of time) from women, this seems kind of strange.
Any thoughts?

Again, I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. I’ve thought about it a lot the last few days, and it’s all that’s keeping me from this sort of position.