More on Contradictions

Dr. Richard Pratt, a friend of John Frame’s and a disciple of Cornelius Van Til has an article entitled, “Does God observe the law of non-contradiction? Should we?”

Money quote:

Permit me to summarize my views a final time:

1) Is any biblical teaching actually contradictory to another? No.

2) Do I believe that the law of contradiction must be applied in biblical and theological studies? Yes.

3) Do I think that the logical consistency of all biblical teachings is discernible? No.

4) Should we believe what our exegesis of Scripture reveals even if our results are mysterious? Yes.

In conclusion, I return to the questions that started this paper. Does God observe the law of contradiction? Yes. It is his very nature to do so. Should we? Yes, so long as we do not place our imperfect understandings and applications of the law above the teaching of Scripture as the unquestionable arbiter of truth. This discussion barely touches the surface of this subject; much more work needs to be done to develop a more thorough understanding of the law of contradiction in theology. I sincerely hope this discussion will help us move toward that goal.