It's all so 2004

There’s an interesting panel discussion on the Globe & Mail’s website that involves various religious leaders as well as one atheist. Among the common strands of the discussion is a sort of consensus that, so long as no religious leader is compelled to perform a ceremony that runs against his or her conscience, there just isn’t that much to get worked up about. This is a striking contrast when you consider the predictions of doom and gloom that emanated from many corners while this debate was first taking place. I think people have realized that there does exist a sort of precedence for this in that religious leaders already get to decide who they marry and their decisions need only follow their religious beliefs, not the Charter or any other Canadian law.

Since the sky hasn’t fallen since same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada, I suspect that many who find that it goes against their religious beliefs have sort of accepted it. Where it becomes problematic is when you have a denomination like the Anglican church that has some disagreement over what exactly is the correct church teaching on the issue. Otherwise I think that, as an issue for religious groups, same-sex marriage is dead.