It seems that a debate may be brewing over the forthcoming publication of two books. The first, by Andrew McGowan, is called The Divine Spiration of Scripture and the second, by Richard Gaffin, is called God’s Word in Servant Form. Both authors are noted Reformed theologians and both are writing on the same topic – yet both come to different conclusions regarding inerrancy.

My friend Mark Jones has offered some thoughts here, and so has historian Carl Trueman here.

I don’t know the position of anyone at City of God regarding the doctrine of inerrancy, so I thought maybe we could discuss it. It seems that many British theologians don’t adopt the terminology, while here in North America it has been a topic of some debate. Personally, I do believe the scriptures to be inspired, inerrant and infallible. What are everyone else’s thoughts?

A useful introduction to the doctrine of inerrancy and what it actually means is Gleason Archer’s “The Witness of the Bible to its Own Inerrancy.”