Higton's Thoughts on Williams and Sharia

Mike Higton, a noted authority on the theology of Rowan Williams, has posted on his blog some thoughts about the Archbishop’s recent statements on Sharia law in Britain [HT: Benjamin Myers].

Here is his “brief summary” of what is a long and helpful post:

Despite everything you’ve heard and read, the most striking thing about Rowan Williams’ lecture is that he mounts a serious and impassioned defence of ‘Enlightenment values’.

That is, he balances on the one hand a defence of one of the key achievements of the Enlightenment, freedom of religion, with on the other hand a strong call for public accountability in the ways that religions contribute to our public life. And my judgment is that it is the latter that is the stronger note in what he says.

If you don’t believe me, read the more detailed analysis below. I think you’ll see what I mean.