WRF and Comment Magazine

I first came across the Work Research Foundation a number of years ago through Gideon Strauss’ blog. After reading through the site, I subscribed to their magazine Comment. Because I am a student, they send it to me at no charge. It is a full colour, gloss magazine, with a cover price of $12 – so it’s definitely a steal at free!

The WRF is an evangelical think tank in the vein of Kuyperian Reformed theology. They are politically active in Canada and the United States. One of their goals is to increase Christian influence in the public square through politics, movies, literature, business, urbanism, etc. Comment magazine offers thoughtful articles on such things as how to survive as a Christian in college, how to care for the environment, how to start your own business, how to be a Christian in the arts, etc.

I’ve noticed that Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan has signed on to support it through their Center for Faith and Work.

If you do subscribe, make sure that you also sign up for their free CD mailing. Regularly I get excellent recording of WRF lectures on a wide variety of topics delivered at a number of respected intellectual institutions and conferences.

Check out the site here and the subscription info for students here.