Thoughts on Global Warming

Just a couple of thoughts on Keith’s earlier post:

In a roundabout way, this brings me to my question: why don’t evangelicals on the whole care about this? Why do we get our panties in a dither over scientists expressing concern that the earth might be heating up? Is it really a green-Marxist conspiracy? Come on. Is it really a direct assault on capitalism? Meh

As a Christian who doesn’t believe that there is consensus in the scientific community about the causes of global warming (for more see here), I do want to point out that in one sense the issue is irrelevant. Whether the earth is warming and whether said warming is due to man-made causes does not give me any greater impetus to care for the environment. Man was given a mandate in the opening chapters of Genesis to have stewardship over the earth – and that includes environmental care. So whether the earth is warming or not, I still want to be conscientious about what we do to the environment.

I have a corollary question: why do “eco-theologians” care so much about the environment that they often, in my experience anyways, neglect the gospel. For clarification, I mean here by gospel: “Jesus Christ came to save sinners.” It seems to me that many eco-friendly (i.e. obsessed) Christians evangelise more about the environment and less about Christ.

Any thoughts on this?

(NB: the observations about eco-theologians has nothing to do with Keith. I know his concern for the gospel is great. I’m speaking in more general terms!).