Taking a Step Back From Math

Some personal reflections:

We’ve been having a fascinating discussion about mathematics and philosophy of mathematics here. Perhaps what I find most fascinating is that, well, I never looked at math like this. I hated math, I was okay at it when I applied myself to it, but there was just something that I found intrinsically dull about it. I filled up the margins of my notebooks with doodling whilst all my equations went unfinished. Math, for me, was trial to be survived and not much more. I’m glad you guys all appear to have gotten something more from it. To this day my uses for math are about the same as my uses for auto shop – they are practical tools but not much more. I can change the oil and I can calculate the tip at a restaurant. The truth is, I never cared enough about math that I could even assess what kind of philosophy was animating any given math curriculum – I’d have no idea.