Rod Dreher vs. "Sluts"

There are some things that I have a really hard time getting upset about. One of them is what other people wear at their weddings. I’m going to try really hard to remember my fiancee’s dress (I’ll probably be quizzed on it later) but ask me about the wedding dresses I’ve seen at every wedding I’ve been to and I doubt I can do much more than guess that they were white. I literally have no idea beyond that. I’m sorry to all the wonderful brides whose weddings I’ve attended, I’m sure that they were gorgeous, it’s just they didn’t stick in my mind.

In that vein I found this post by Rod Dreher to be, well, weird. I’m not sure why he’s so concerned that some bride in New York has a dress custom made to show off a lower back tattoo. Dreher is convinced that suggestive wedding dresses constitute “slutty” behaviour. I don’t know, I mean the dress looked okay in the picture from the article – but again I don’t really notice dresses. I suppose it’s on the more revealing side for bridal wear, but then these things are so culturally contingent that who knows, maybe it’ll be the norm in ten years. If this was Dreher’s daughter or someone from his church, I can see him getting upset justifiably. But why worry about what someone you’ve never met is wearing to a wedding you aren’t attending? I just don’t understand why he was even concerned in the first place.