Re: Faith Based Schooling

More interaction:

It does not have a Mayor, a baseball team, or a Rotary Club.

But it does have it’s own king and council 🙂

But in seeking to draw appropriate lines, is there really any sort of justification in establish Christian schools? Well, we’re not told not to.

I think Keith’s previous post gives some good reasons for doing so.

I think from every side the best choice is allowing them to participate in the world, concurrent with parents actually doing their jobs.

This is a bit of a false dichotomy. Christian schooling does not mean that children never interact with the world. It means, in Paul words, that they spend less time with “bad company [which] corrupts good morals”.

I’m not trying to be a legalist here; I realize there will be and are situations where a parent might have no other option besides trying to do the best they can with public schooling (i.e., using it but highly supplementing it with distinctively Christian formation). But I can’t see that public schooling is the best option, all things considered. I think one reason why I don’t feel that the mission of the church is a good reason to send children into public schools is precisely because we are talking about children: biblically speaking, adults are to protect children from the world, because they are not mature enough to take of themselves yet. I think any Christian parent who keeps their child out of a gruesomely violent or pornographic or overall “corrupting” movie, implicitly recognizes this obligation already.