Re: Faith-based Schooling

Dammit – Andrew posted before I did. 

Regarding comments made here.

First off, as mentioned before, the Greek word used for church is a political term used for assembly/state. I hardly think this is a coincidence.

This thinking is consistent with Paul’s use of the Abrahamic promise in Romans – The church will inherit the earth. And what about Christ in Matthew 5:5? We see what this will look like throughout the book of Revelation.

I think I can affirm much of what Ben said in terms of co-existence. The Church is a city within a city after all.

With regards to education, why limit education to the home, assembly, and college? How did you come up with this? How consistent is this with Deuteronomy 6:4-10? Your schema leaves out 6-8 hours a day of instruction. This is hardly Hebraic.