Obama and my Aunt's birthday

So I went to my Aunt’s birthday party today. She turned 80. Pretty exciting stuff. I had a great conversation with my cousin’s wife’s sister (whatever that relation is) on the upcoming US election. She was an adamant Hillary supporter and very well educated (she’s a former VP of the Toronto Stock Exchange). I hid my belief that Hillary is a a snakewoman and told her that I thought that Barack stood a better chance of winning an election against McCain. Too many people in the US hate Hillary. Essentially she said bullshit and expressed concern that Obama would be a trigger happy President.

Was Obama off base in his comments about Pakistan? Perhaps. But, remember who voted for the war in Iraq and who didn’t when presented with the same evidence. And that was the most important foreign policy issue of her time as a Senator. Let’s look at actual voting records instead of off the cuff hypotheticals.

I stand by what I said about Obama beating McCain. Current polling backs that up. McCain against Clinton goes 46-46. McCain versus Obama goes 41-48. Why? When McCain goes against Clinton he gets the independents. When Obama goes against McCain, Obama gets the independents.

What really needs to happen is to have the Democrats control the executive and legislative branches. This isn’t just so that the Republicans are punished for the way they’ve mishandled power over the past two terms. It’s also because this election may mark the beginning of a United States that has free universal health care, albeit done in a distinctively American way. Paul Krugman has convinced me of this in The Conscience of a Liberal. And while on this topic, let’s not forget Hillary’s lost opportunity for health care reform in 1994. Sullivan says she lost it through “arrogance, secrecy, and over-reach.” A little harsh. But, Krugman seemed to agree with Sullivan in the aforementioned book. She did seem to initiate the proposal when the Democratic machine had lost all momentum.

Obama does have some problems but when I work them out, I can’t see why I wouldn’t vote for him.

I like fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets and Obama is definitely not a fiscal conservative, but when a conservative administration adds $32 trillion to the deficit, I mean, hey, what the hell?

Abortion is always an important issue. I’ve heard that Obama is one of the most liberal candidates on abortion that the Democrats fielded. I’m not sure what to think about McCain. I’ve heard cases for and against him on abortion. Regardless, I can’t help feeling that religious conservatives are routinely duped by the GOP. Some moral issues are selected to cater to part of the base. Half-hearted attempts are made at change that never go anywhere and the base is forced to choose the GOP because of its moral duty to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Defend traditional marriage and get privatized social security! Fight against Roe v. Wade and ensure that only the top 10% of wage earners grow richer. Etc., Etc.

I haven’t talked about Supreme Court justices, but this post is too long anyways.