N.T. Wright on Heaven

Time has an excellent interview with Tom Wright on his view of heaven. Having just taught on the new heavens and new earth in Sunday School this past Lord’s Day, I wish I read the article earlier.

In it, he says something that I had never thought about before regarding the intermediate state:

TIME: That is rather different from the common understanding. Did some Biblical verse contribute to our confusion? Wright: There is Luke 23, where Jesus says to the good thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” But in Luke, we know first of all that Christ himself will not be resurrected for three days, so “paradise” cannot be a resurrection.

When I taught a little while ago on the intermediate state it didn’t even cross my mind to think of this passage. Of course Paradise wasn’t resurrection!

Incidentally, has anyone read Wright’s recent book Suprised by Hope? I have only read the sections dealing with hell and his interesting understanding of it. To summarise, he argues that in hell, human beings will cease to be human. The reason for this is that the imago Dei is completely obliterated in them. I had never thought of that before and am interested to hear what reactions that invokes.