Love as a Theological Tiebreaker: Deciding Which Beliefs are for Keeps

Lo and behold, after all our previous conversations, I received my first official visit from Mormons today. We chatted for just under an hour about apostolic succession, the trinity (God had a body? Who knew?), the necessity/non-necessity of perfection(in humans), etc, etc, etc. .

I now realise that the Mormon doctrines with which I disagree are the ones that make life harder. They told me God pre-ordained the fall in order to put humans through some sort of “test drive situation”. Later they blatantly stated that the purpose of life is not to glorify God but to become like God (I know, a whole other story here). It seems obvious to me that these are not the doctrines of a God who is even in the realm of likable. Although I enjoy and attempt to use logic, I get lost fairly quickly once the “real philosophers” start talking.  However, even I could pick out that to believe in a God who isn’t love at his core is, simply put, totally illogical and counter intuitive.

Although I can’t know all Mormon doctrine, it seems the main difference here is that orthodox Christian doctrine, at its heart, is about love (oh, so sappy I know), while I think their doctrine is about achievement or perfection. (I realise certain Christian denominations are criticised as having the same imperatives…not sure what to do with that)

The love I’m talking about is a definable love, that is not only evident in Christ’s behaviour, but is also outlined in countless passages, like the Fruit of the Spirit or 1 Corinthians 13. I’m not talking Beatles love here. Perhaps love’s centrality is obvious to everyone else, but I’d never pinpointed Mormon doctrine as being wrong because it lacked love. I just figured, well, that it was wrong doctrine.

At the end, the only thing I could think to say to these guys  was that Christianity is, essentially, about love. This probably sounded grade 2  to these oh so sharp guys, but I tried! I looked them in the eye when I said it. I asked them to seriously think about what this meant and reminded them, that, perhaps, if its in God’s plan, we might see each other in Heaven.

Any thoughts? I hope I didn’t mess up big time.