Jehovah's Witnesses and apologetics

Hey Ian! Welcome aboard!

I’d recommend avoiding the philosophical stuff, unless you know they could engage with the arguments on that level. They’d probably see the bite of a biblical argument (for the deity of Christ, perhaps) more than a philosophical one, though obviously with the Trinity those things can’t be divorced.

I’d also add one thing: it’s highly unlikely you’d be able to do anything more than plant seeds of doubt in their organization and doctrine, and that only if you do it in a winsome way (if they feel that they are being persecuted, they’ll immediately chalk it up to following Christ’s example). To understand and believe something like the Trinity one has to begin to love and worship the Trinity, and that will likely only come about if you are a real friend to these people (and not perceived by them as someone just in it for an argument).

But that’s only my $.02.

Once again, welcome!