Isolation's Culprit

Road use in Munster, GermanySome of our posts here have sort of drifted into the topics of social isolation and anomie. I think the evidence in this photo is pretty damning as far the automobile’s culpability – this photo represents the amount of space that different forms of transportation require to move the same number of people (cars, a bus, and bicycles, respectively). Why do places like Mississauga have such wide streets? It should be obvious – to fit all the cars. Wider roads feed into a spiral as they discourage pedestrians from walking. More cars, more roads, more cars, more roads. Fill out even more farmland to fit in even more sprawl. Now I drive, many of you drive, it’s hard to do without a car for many people in North America – but we have to have our eyes open to the social cost of these things. What are we doing to create spaces where automotive transport is the exception rather than the rule? Not much methinks.