Heaven in a Night Club

One of the things that I delighted in while working at Crux Books in Toronto was the amount of jazz that we regularly listened to. Pat Paas, the owner, is a jazz-fiend, thus making this brand of music a staple on our store radio. For a long while I wanted to get into jazz, but never really knew how. I’m glad that I worked there because it was a musical learning experience just standing behind the counter selling books.

In light of my recent thinking on this, I thought I might share some related lectures by William Edgar, professor of apologetics at Westminster Seminary (PA). Edgar is himself a jazz musician and has an excellent series on the theology of jazz at the Chesterton House website. It was about a year or so ago that I listened to them and learned a lot. Now the Chesterton House has a CD of some of the music from the night of his lecture. Incidentally, some were done in a nightclub. They include:

A Biblical Theology of Entertainment
Music and the book of Revelation 1
Music and the book of Revelation 2

Heaven in a Nightclub

There are more lectures at the Chesterton House site from this series. It also has resources by Richard Middleton, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Richard Pratt, etc. It’s a great place for audio.

Finally, Edgar has a very good article on a biblical theology of entertainment at the byFaith Online site called Good Company, Good Art and a Good Laugh.