Well, now that I’m officially joined up, I thought I would post – albeit quickly. I would first of all like to offer my thanks to Keith for inviting me to City of God. Judging from the quality of posts that I have read thus far, I feel a bit out of my league! Be that as it may, I hope that I can contribute at least a little to the intellectual atmosphere.

So, here’s my first question: tomorrow morning two Jehovah’s Witnesses will be coming to my apartment to “discuss the bible.” Do you think it is worth challenging their anti-trinitarianism at a presuppositional level? I’m thinking here of the problem of personality in the universe (ala your discussion on Poythress and math), as well as the possibility of revelation from a monad creator. How would you work this through? Is there something I should add? Is it worth discussing at all? Any thoughts??