Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

That was the question that Johnny Rotten posed at the last Sex Pistols concert. Today I wonder if James Dobson and the rest of the religious right in America are asking themselves the same thing. It appears that Dobson is gearing up for a quixotic endorsement of Mike Huckabee’s now seemingly doomed GOP presidential nomination bid.

I have to say that I’ve never really agreed with the broad policy goals of the religious right, but I can appreciate how frustrated they must be in this election cycle when the candidates they clearly wanted (Thompson and Huckabee) will not win the primary. The people who are said to be most sympathetic to the likes of Dobson, or Pat Robertson, or the Bob Jones University crowd were said to be a sizable chunk of the electorate. In an era where the US has been split fairly evenly, if only, say, 5% of voters were of the religious right, they would still make all the difference in any national electoral contest.

So what does Dobson have to show for his efforts? If you look at the agenda of religious conservatives and if you look at what has actually been done in an era of GOP dominance in congress (1994-2006) and the White House (2000-present) they really don’t have much to show for their fierce loyalty. On top of all that, it now looks like the GOP simply doesn’t care who the religious right endorses. So the question goes, James Dobson, ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?