Worst writing of the year award

And the winner of this award goes to …… the good “doctor” himself, “Dr.” Dino! I first came across Dr. Dino watching a VHS of his lectures on creationism in a friend’s basement in high school. I’m not sure if I was a convert at the time, but convert or not, I remember thinking that Hovind was terrible … and a bit of a prick.

So, what’s Kent been up to these days? Well besides being the principal creator of Dinosaur Adventure Land, appearing on the Ali G show (can someone find the link for that?), Kent has landed himself in prison! Apparently the good doctor has failed to pay over half a million dollars in taxes. Big daddy government doesn’t like it when that happens so Kent’s in a little bit of trouble right now. His response? Kent claimed he was employed by God, made no income, had no expenses and owned no property. I’ve heard that argument works real well with the IRS.

The fraudulent douchebag now has a blog up and running. Is Hovind remorseful? Of course not. Read this drivel.

The Inklings used to keep themselves amused by reading Amanada McKittrick Ros’ notoriously bad prose. They would have competitions where the winner was the one who could read her work the longest without laughing.

We should do this with Kent.

Here’s a quote from Kent:

KH: Hey, Paul! How are you doing?

Apostle Paul: Very well, except I’m in prison – sort of. I have lots of freedoms here in Rome. This beats all the other jails and prisons I’ve been in. I’m allowed to have lots of visitors (Acts 28:30) and I get to preach the kingdom of God with no restrictions (Acts 28:31). I even have my own house.

KH: What do you do in your free time?

Paul: I have lots of good books to read as well as searching the law, the prophets, and the Psalms. I write letters to churches that I helped to start. I also write to young preachers to encourage them and instruct them in the faith. I keep really busy! I’ve been waiting for months now to have Caesar hear my appeal. The legal system is so slow!

I didn’t make it past the first line.