The Why For Me

Why a group blog? Well first off, I can’t seem to maintain the momentum to come up with something snazzy to say everyday. A group blog spreads the pressure around. Secondly, Boars Head Tavern got me interested in the idea of a group blog. Hands down this is one of the best blogs I (irregularly) read.

Most importantly, I was on Trinity Presbyterian’s webpage last year and the pastor, Rich Lusk, had an idea called Trinity Tavern Thursday. All the men in the church would get together once or twice a month and hang out at a local pub and discuss theology, life, politics, or anything that came to mind. I thought this was a great idea. But, this can only happen in a vibrant church culture which I don’t see happening around me. Hence, Civitate Dei.

I’d much rather be in a pub smoking a cigar with a pint in hand, but sitting at home in my underwear will have to suffice for now.