Sex & Marriage

Andrew: I clicked on the link you provided. I didn’t find it satisfactory. It raised more questions than it answered. But then again, maybe there is no definite black and white answer to this. Biblical wisdom might have to suffice. Regardless, more research would have to be done to come to a definite position.

I clicked on the link that Instone-Brewer provided. It brought me to an excerpt from his book, Divorce and Remarriage in the Church. Brewer was discussing ‘provision of conjugal love’ as a marital obligation. He quotes the rabbis who went so far as to outline how many times a week a man had to make love to his wife. Most had to do it a least 2x a week. Those without work had to do it every night. However, the rabbis had no special rules for women. Why? Brewer writes:

“There were no special rules for women, probably because the rabbis considered them to be rapacious individuals who were always pestering their husbands.”

If this is true, marriage is going to be kick ass!

Maybe I should quit my job.