Re: Religiosity of Films

I’ve been thinking about what Dan said about Davies and religiosity in literature. I’m confused. Books with programmatic morality tend to suck, yet all authors deal in moral truths. Hmmmmm …… I’m not sure if I get Davies here. Is he saying that when authors intend to prescribe morality in literature it tends to be bad, but when it just inevitably comes up in the course of writing a book, it’s ok? If so, I don’t buy it. (Most) good writing is preconceived and intentional. That includes all facets of the writing process. Characters, the environment, etc. are all deliberately crafted. Why not morality?

Perhaps it’s just the case that the greatest writers in the world are just not interested in writing moral fables. The greatest writers in other ages were – hence, Bunyan and Milton.

We live in a different moral climate and literature reflects that.

Just a thought. Tell me if I’ve misread what you wrote.