Healthcare woes

The U.S. Federal Reserve just cut interest rates to 3.5%. Some say that a recession in the States has already started. Others say it’s just about to start. Regardless, economic prospects are not looking too good right now.

The most upsetting thing about all this is healthcare in the U.S. This next election may see a Democrat – controlled executive and legislative branch. A serious platform plank of all major Democratic contenders has been major healthcare reform that would see universal healthcare, albeit done in a distinctively American way, cover the nation. If America has started a serious economic slide, these policies may never see the light of day. Pharmaceutical companies and neo-conservatives are going to be all over this. In a weird way, America beginning a big recession is in the best interests of these groups. By the time the recession ends, the Democrats will probably have lost majority control of one of the branches of government and then we’ll be back to square one: polarized politics with nothing of substance getting done.

What about the 47 million Americans without health insurance? They’ll get screwed.

What can we do about this bullshit?

Like Jeremiah all we can do is weep, hope and pray that God’s kingdom would come.